Camp Catch Your Breath

April 8, 2017 Camp Catch Your Breath

Thirty-one children from across the Carolinas showed up to the Drew Wellness Center in Columbia, S.C. on Saturday, April 8 to participate in “Camp Catch Your Breath.”

Midlands Technical College and Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation hosted the camp for children ages 5 to 12 who have asthma. It was an all-day camp for children to learn about their asthma while having fun in a safe environment.

The camp included a “build-your-lungs” craft, an anatomy hike through a life-size constructed airway, and an asthma trigger game using black lights to replicate a laser tag arena. The kids were divided into two groups, the Wheezing Wizards and the Mucus Maniacs.

Children were educated about their asthma and medication through multiple different games. The games were constructed by students at MTC.

Parents were also encouraged to attend the camp and learn about asthma from the S.C. Asthma Alliance.

At the parent information session, Lou Kennedy, CEO of Nephron, announced the launch of the Pocket Neb. The Pocket Neb is a brand new portable nebulizer that allows people to conveniently take their medications. Kennedy gifted a Pocket Neb to every camper!

The Pocket Neb is created by Nephron and MicroVapor Devices, LLC. The companies have partnered with MTC students who work to build the device.

At the end of the day campers left with goodies such as flying disks, beach balls, activity books, a T-shirt and a brand new Pocket Neb from Nephron.