Columbia Regional Business Report: Nephron Pharmaceuticals partners with New York company ahead of product expansion

November 11, 2022

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp. and New York-based Sharps Technology have formed a new partnership focused on developing and sharing best practices in manufacturing, product development and quality as Nephron prepares to launch its InjectEZ expansion.

“We are excited to kick off a partnership with Sharps Technology as our InjectEZ expansion project opens,” said Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy. “Just as the InjectEZ syringe manufacturing facility is poised to play a critical role in assisting those we work with on tackling emerging public health crises, Sharps Technology also offers key solutions to healthcare challenges.”

Sharps Technology is a medical device and pharmaceutical packaging company specializing in drug delivery systems. Nephron Pharmaceuticals produces and manufactures generic inhalation solutions and pre-filled, sterile syringes through its 503B Outsourcing Facility. 

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