Columbia Regional Business Report: New Nephron partnership aims to help expand workplace testing

May 22, 2020 Columbia Regional Business Report logo

A new partnership between Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp. and One Medical aims to expand COVID-19 testing capabilities as more businesses begin to reopen.

West Columbia-headquartered Nephron has procured technology to perform real-time testing for COVID-19 and antibody testing for its own employees and for employees of neighboring businesses, according to a news release from the company. Nephron’s on-site lab intends to integrate with One Medical’s technology platform to support a comprehensive workplace reentry testing program.

One Medical is a national digital health and primary care organization which is facilitating COVID-19 testing at sites nationwide to its members.

Nephron Pharmaceutical Corp. has teamed with One Medical to develop a comprehensive employer COVID-19 testing program. (Photo/File)
Nephron Pharmaceutical Corp. has teamed with One Medical to develop a comprehensive employer COVID-19 testing program. (Photo/File)
“Re-opening businesses, and getting our economy moving again, is one of our highest priorities,” said Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy, a member of AccelerateSC, a task force made up of state business, health care, education and government leaders, formed to create a coordinated economic revitalization plan for the state. “Part of the new normal for businesses is testing employees to make sure the workplace is safe. We couldn’t be prouder to offer COVID-19 testing services to our employees and neighbors.”

One Medical’s virtual care capabilities include specimen collection and digital documentation of test result. It also screens and evaluates risk factors and symptoms and supports employer tracking and reporting, according to the release.  

“I am very pleased to be working alongside the Nephron team to leverage One Medical’s digital health platform as a way to help get South Carolinians back to work safely,” John Singerling, One Medical chief network officer, said. “Currently working with over 7,000 employers nationwide has allowed One Medical to build a comprehensive workplace reentry program that is grounded in medicine and testing and powered by our technology, which allows for seamless tracking, tracing and ongoing monitoring.”

Nephron develops and produces generic respiratory medication which can be used to treat COVID-19 symptoms. It also produces pre-filled sterile syringes and IV bags which can be used to sedate patients being placed on ventilators.

Last month, the company received federal approval to ramp up production in response to increasing demand for its products.

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