FOX Carolina: SC company producing respiratory solutions to help treat coronavirus

March 17, 2020

COLUMBIA, SC (FOX Carolina) – A South Carolina pharmaceutical company is working to ramp up production of respiratory solutions to treat symptoms of COVID19

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation in West Columbia is one of the nation’s two top makers of these treatments. Nephron says current demand for its medications is surging and the company is shattering sales records.

Nephron makes inhalation solutions and suspension products that treat respiratory conditions.

During a media advisory Tuesday, Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy told reporters that COVID19 patients need treatment immediately that that goes way down into the lungs.

Only 2 companies in the U-S make 98 percent of those nebulizers and Kennedy said his is working to ramp up Nephron’s production.

Right now Nephron’s 8 filling lines are able to produce about 110-million inhalers each month.

In order to ramp that up to about 170-million a month, Kennedy is asking the FDA to allow Nephron to open 6 more filling lines to produce more “inhalation solutions.”