New Nephron Partnership Offers Patients Quality Care Through Virtually Pain-Free Anesthetic

December 3, 2019 J Tip logo

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. – Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation today announced a new partnership with National Medical Products Inc. – developer of the J-Tip Needle Free Injector – that provides patients with an easy-to-use and virtually pain-free delivery of anesthetic medications prior to medical procedures.

Hospitals that use J-Tip can now use Nephron’s Pre-filled Buffered Lidocaine glass Luer lock syringes to fill the J-Tip.

“This new partnership is a huge win for patients, and we are extraordinarily excited to announce it,” said Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy. “Working together with the developers of J-Tip, we are making sure that the delivery of anesthetic medications is safe, easy-to-use and virtually pain-free because patients deserve nothing less.”

National Medical Products Inc. refined the concept of jet injection, a technology previously used by the military for vaccine delivery, to develop the J-Tip Needle-Free Injector. By taking into consideration the depth of injection, energy source, ease of use, and sterility, National Medical Products Inc. was able to create a self-contained, single-use, sterile, subcutaneous jet injector now known as J-Tip.

Working together, the companies hope to reach more hospitals and patients in providing easier ways to use J-Tip and offer a quality pain management tool.

About Nephron Pharmaceuticals

Nephron 503B Outsourcing is a division of Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation. This division produces pre-filled sterile syringes and IV bags for hospitals across America, in an effort to alleviate their drug shortage needs. In accordance with the DQSA draft guidance, the company follows cGMP, GDP, and all quality expectations. The company has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration as a sterile manufacturer of generic respiratory medications along with an Outsourcing Facility providing equal sterility and quality. Nephron received a 2017 ISPE/FOYA innovation award for the high level of automation present throughout the facility. For more information, please visit

About National Medical Products Inc. and the J-Tip Needle-Free Injection System

National Medical Products Inc. established in 2001, has been providing a virtually pain-free experience to patients across the country prior to standard needle procedures. The J-Tip is FDA cleared for use with Xylocaine (Lidocaine). It is a single-use jet injector compressed CO2 gas to propel medication forward into the subcutaneous tissue providing an aesthetic effect in only 1-2 minutes. It is most commonly used prior to routine needle procedures such as IV starts and blood draws.