New Nephron Partnership Offers Solution for Opioid Crisis

August 13, 2019 New Nephron Partnership Offers Solution for Opioid Crisis

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. – Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation today announced a new partnership with InfuTronix Solutions, LLC. The collaboration offers a cost-effective and efficient non-narcotic therapy solution for post-operative pain management. 

“We are proud to partner with InfuTronix Solutions to deliver opioid-free pain medication to patients across the country,” said Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy. “The overuse of opioids is a crisis in America. Non-narcotic pain management is a cost-saving way that companies like ours can help save lives.”

The Nimbus II PainPRO – an electronic ambulatory pain pump distributed by InfuTronix Solutions – is a cutting-edge electronic pain pump that accurately controls delivery of fluid from a source bag of non-narcotic medication to the surgical area.

Prescription opioid medications continue to play a fundamental role in the recovery after invasive surgical procedures such as orthopedics, spine, and major abdominal procedures. As the opioid crisis grows, the search for cost-effective and time efficient alternative solutions is underway to establish consistent and reliable techniques that decrease patients’ reliance on opioids for post-operative pain management. 

The Nimbus II PainPRO is designed for increased safety at an exceptional value. With customizable Protocols, Nimbus enables a facility to preload their infusion orders with facility specified safe guards to protect against under or over infusion of medication.  Additionally, having a flexible reservoir volume capable to infuse up to 1.5 L of medication, and enhanced features like Programmed Intermittent Bolus mode (PIB), Patient Demand Bolus (PCA), and Delay Start enable Nimbus to extend a non-narcotic infusion therapy further into the recovery period reliably turning 2 days of therapy into 4 or more as desired. Patient reported outcomes can be tracked with the PRO App. 

When paired with the Nephron non-narcotic pre-mixed medication bags, the total solution effectively manages pain throughout the episode of care. The Nephron pre-mixed bags enable this package to be a turnkey solution that is accessible, easy, and affordable for any customer, regardless of if they have a compounding pharmacy on-site or not. Nephron’s state-of-the-art facility brings a high level of quality, safety, and reliability the industry deserves. Together, Nephron and Nimbus offer the all-inclusive workflow solution at an aggressive price point delivering greater value for hospitals and surgery centers striving to produce an opioid avoidance strategy for the patients they serve.

About InfuTronix Solutions

InfuTronix Solutions LLC aims to deliver safe, simple to use, and smart pain management therapy at a cost anyone can afford while refusing to compromise the quality or level of service the industry rightfully demands. They continue to evolve their platform faster than ever to leverage today’s tech-centered world and bring a higher level of care to our friends and family.

About Nephron

Nephron 503B Outsourcing is a division of Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation. This division produces pre-filled sterile syringes and IV bags for hospitals and surgery centers across America, in an effort to alleviate their drug shortage needs. In accordance with the DQSA draft guidance, the company follows cGMP, GDP and all quality expectations. The company has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration as a sterile manufacturer of generic respiratory medications along with an Outsourcing Facility providing equal sterility and quality. Nephron received a 2017 ISPE/FOYA innovation award for the high level of automation present throughout the facility. For more information, please visit