The Lexington Ledger: Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation and CEO Lou Kennedy continue support of education in 2023

January 16, 2023

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation and CEO Lou Kennedy generously committed a major cash and in-kind gift to the Lexington District One Educational Foundation this year and, in doing so, supported a variety of needs in Lexington District One.

First, Nephron donated $3,600 to provide grants to students who are enrolled in the Pharmacology for Medical Careers class at the Lexington Technology Center. This is the sixth year of these Pharmacology Grants, which have been instrumental to students who wish to take the class, but who otherwise could not afford the $300 course fee. As a result of Nephron Pharmaceutical’s kindness, all seniors who are interested are able to explore the field of Pharmacology and learn career skills that could lead to future jobs in the pharmaceutical or medical fields.

Second, Nephron Pharmaceuticals is kindly sponsoring two Educational Foundation special events during 2023 with a gift of $6,000. Nephron’s generous donation towards these events will ultimately be a huge help to Lexington District One students, teachers and families, since all foundation events enable the organization to support the district needs via the grants offered each year.

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