ZVerse Launches Early Access of its 3D Collaboration Platform Revaly

July 14, 2022

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — ZVerse, an award-winning design technology firm, today announces early access of Revaly, its web-based 3D design collaboration software, which is focused on solving the unique communication challenges between engineers and their non-technical peers and/or clients. With Revaly, everyone can securely view, share and annotate computer-aided design (CAD) models asynchronously or in real-time from any device. 

“Our goal with Revaly is to make design conversations incredibly easy, efficient and enjoyable for engineers and non-technical collaborators,” said John Carrington, CEO of ZVerse.  “Having spent years in the design-for-manufacturing world, we understand the importance of getting feedback early and often from all stakeholders. Revaly offers an approachable user experience for hi-fidelity design conversations that result in happier teams and more productive organizations.”

In January, ZVerse offered Revaly in a closed beta program for organizations from the biotech, industrial manufacturing services, consumer products and education sectors.  Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp., a leading manufacturer of generic respiratory medications, became an early adopter of Revaly for use by their rapidly expanding engineering and manufacturing teams. 

“At Nephron, collaboration between our engineers, machine shop technicians, suppliers and the production floor is critical to keeping our medications shipping to customers.  Revaly streamlines design conversations between our departments better than anything we’ve tried.  Our team loves how easy it is to use and how much time it saves them in design cycles.  Revaly will save our company millions of dollars by having better design feedback earlier in the process,” said Lou Kennedy, Owner and CEO of Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Bringing Design Reviews into the Modern Era

As remote work has become more ubiquitous, asynchronous collaboration tools for ideation, workflows and huddling have exploded onto the market.  However, 80% of engineers still rely on a combination of email, screenshots and PDFs to collaborate with their product development teams or clients. Communicating on 3D models is complex due to file sizes, software requirements to view, technical skill sets and security considerations. 

“Collaborative engineering and seamless knowledge transfer are the keys to innovation in manufacturing design. Revaly enables true asynchronous design collaboration in a way that is impossible to achieve through email and slide presentations,” said Ramy Harik, PhD., Chief Manufacturing Officer at Nephron Pharmaceuticals. 

To receive early access to Revaly, visit Revaly.com.  Simplify your design conversations today!

About ZVerse

ZVerse, a leader in design and digital manufacturing, developed the first CAD as a Service (CADaaS) platform which is used by thousands of manufacturers and product developers to accelerate their design cycles. In 2020, ZVerse was awarded Fast Company Magazine’s Design Innovation Award.  In 2021, Inc. Magazine listed ZVerse as #1 fastest growing company in South Carolina and #67 of fastest growing companies in the United States on their annual Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.  In 2022, ZVerse introduced its first software-as-a-service product, Revaly, for better CAD design collaboration.

About Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation

A West Columbia, S.C.-based company, Nephron develops and produces safe, affordable generic inhalation solutions and suspension products. The company also operates an industry-leading 503B Outsourcing Facility division which produces pre-filled sterile syringes, luer-lock vials, IV bottles and IV bags for hospitals across America, in an effort to alleviate drug shortage needs. Nephron launched a CLIA-certified diagnostics lab in 2020 where it tests people for COVID-19 and administers vaccinations. In July, Nephron announced the opening of Nephron Nitrile, a plant that will produce American-made, medical-grade nitrile gloves.