Safety & Quality

Safety & Quality

Quality manufacturing processes are the key to creating safe and effective generic medications. We take that responsibility seriously, with an unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

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In 2001, Nephron began individually wrapping and bar-coding medication, leading the industry with this patient safety practice. Today, wrapped and bar-coded vials have become a standard safety practice at U.S. hospitals.

Purification Precision

Most of our current products are solution-based and 98 percent water. Therefore, our capacity to filter a tremendous amount of water on site is essential to safe production. Our facility houses a water pre-treatment room where city water goes through many stages of purification. Our process ensures that the water is safe for injection.

Barcoded and individually wrapped

Our packaging ensures that products are compliant, easily identifiable, and delivered accurately, and it also simplifies inventory tracking at health care facilities.

Unit-dose measures and clear vials

We have designed our products so that patients can easily check vials for discoloration, accurately measure single doses, and simply discard or recycle empty vials.

Quality Assurance

Our team of experts ensure every substance that enters and exits our facility is safe for use. When active pharmaceutical ingredients arrive on site, our quality assurance department samples and reviews the ingredients before they are released for use. We perform another quality check after we formulate products, reviewing samples from each batch within our in-house chemistry and micro-biology laboratories before products are shipped to end users.

Product Enhancements

We continuously pursue product enhancements, such as easy to identify vial shapes, embossed lettering, and color-coded packaging.

Joint Commission

Our products meet The Joint Commission’s quality and performance standards for health care facilities.

Product Integrity

Our custom inventory software uses barcodes to easily track and identify both in-process product and finished product throughout our process. This track and trace system gives us a highly-detailed level of control. It also enables us to audit our products, both in the plant and throughout the supply chain, providing yet another level of patient safety.


Our priority is to deliver products safely and promptly to our customers’ facilities. We take all necessary steps to ensure products are not damaged during transit. We ensure that the primary container closure comprising the drug product is secure and free from any obstructions that could happen during shipping and storage.

The plastic molded trays included in our packaging reduce the chance of damage from syringes being subject to contact with other product while in its container. The syringe plungers and caps are secured safely in our packaging, to prevent leaks or damage to the labeling. Our product cartons and cases allow us to sell medication in defined units, typically 30 syringes.